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  What do You Need to Bring:

  • Sunblock

  • Sun sensible clothing that you can expect to get wet, including a hat that will not blow off.

  • Enclosed shoes with rubber soles eg old joggers or volleys etc (wetsuit boots ideal)

  • Full change of clothes.

  • Towel.

   What You Don’t Need to Bring:

  • Valuable items that may get lost or stolen.

   What We Will provide for You:

  • DVD that explains how to rig a Pacer dinghy.

  • Home work: learning boat parts and terminology.

  • Parking permit to be displayed inside the windscreen when parking inside the chained area. (Must be returned before you go home each week).

  • Life Jacket. (Help yourself from the rack and return before you go home each week).

  • Shackle Key from the end of the life jacket rack. (return before you go home each week).

  • Pacer dinghy - that you should rig when you arrive and de-rig, wash, and put away before you leave (or pass on to someone else if they want to use it during the afternoon race.

   Are the lessons still on if the Weather is bad:

  • Yes, the lessons will keep going if the weather is bad. We sail in all conditions except gale force winds and lightning storms.

  • If we can’t sail we will brush up on theory or watch sailing videos.

   Do I Need to Tell Someone if I’m Not Able to Attend a Lesson:

  • Yes, we need to let your instructor know so they don’t waste their time.

      Ring David on 02 9601 5557, 0419 230 592, or email

      We can reschedule a lesson for you if you give us appropriate warning.

Chipping Norton Lake is an ideal place to sail. There are no waves to speak of, no ferries
to run into you, you can’t get swept out to sea, and you are never far from shore.

Our friendly instructors sail in the boat with you while you learn at your own pace.

Depending on how fast you catch on, you can be sailing on your own in as little as 6 lessons.

Here is some information that tells you about the course we run:

  • The CNLSC ‘learn to sail’ course is a 6 lesson course that is run over a period of 6 weeks.

  • The lessons do not need to be held on consecutive weeks but this is preferred.

  • Lessons are held on Saturdays starting at 12 Noon and finishing at 2 PM.

  • You will learn in Pacer dinghies with one instructor per person (allocated on a

  • rotation basis).

The lessons cover:

1-Rigging and de-rigging the boat.
2-Steering and balancing the boat.
3-Sailing into the wind and tacking through the wind.
4-Adjusting the sails for different courses relative to the wind.
5-Sailing with the wind and gybeing across the wind.
6-Sailing a set course involving all the points of sailing.
7-Sailing Solo.


  • You will need to attend all of the lessons to become proficient, however we can

  • reschedule a lesson if required.

  • At the completion of the course most people will just be able to sail a Pacer

  • dinghy on their own in light to medium strength winds.

  • To get any lasting benefit from the course you will need to practice what you have

  • learnt for at least the remainder of the season.

  • After the completion of the course, beginner’s sessions and races will be

  • organised to take place during normal race times depending on availability of

  • boats.

  •  Students can also avail themselves of the opportunity to crew for experienced

  • sailors during club races if the offer is made.

  • Cost: Adult :

Club Membership for the season $100 (includes insurance)

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